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Psychedelic Happy Hour Poster

Client: Elevenacity
Deliverable: 11x17 Bar Poster
Purpose: To attract fans and patrons of The Hut and 4th Avenue to Elevenacity's 5 o'clock Friday show.

Elevenacity is a local band in Tucson, Arizona who plays the music of the Grateful Dead and others as well as originals.

The band approached me looking for a poster to display at The Hut, a bar in downtown Tucson where they play a standing weekly Friday night Psychedelic Happy Hour show.

The goal of the poster was to get patrons of The Hut and 4th Ave interested in the Psychedelic Happy Hour show, interested in the band, and convince them to attend the show. The band asked that I use provided photos or take one of my own to feature the band on the poster.

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